We realize that finding help for many situations after a traumatic experience is daunting. Because we are a 100% volunteer organization (no one gets paid) 100% of all donations go directly back into building and adding to our programs.

"You have to give back,” Douglas once explained. “I came from abject poverty. I didn’t dream of becoming a millionaire. So you have to pay back.”

"What a wonderful. useful program". 

Candace Lightner, Founder of MADD, and We Save Lives, commenting on our Wheels for Victims program

Destructive driving is not an accident- it's a crime.

Kep Informed

Our Programs:

AUADD is the first and presently only organization to offer replacement or alternative transportation directly to victims of destructive driving crimes throughout the country, free of charge. You can view a small sample of people we have helped in various ways, here on this page. We desperately need donations of running vehicles throughout the country. AUADD will always be focused on the undeserved part of highway safety organizations, victims.

The photos are but a small sampling of the more then 1000 vicitms we have helped, since we introduced our victim program in late 2015. They cover victims in 14 far. Sadly, not all of them survived. Our victim program helped many families of these victims, cover funeral expenses. Out of respect to their families, and Federal laws, we never identify them with personal information.

There is a natural law, a Divine law, that obliges you and me to relieve the suffering, the distressed and the destitute.-Warren Buffet

If you were personally a victim of a destructive driving crime, or know someone who was, please fill out the short information submission to the right, or call  630-756-3190, 7 days a week, and someone will get right back to you, to discuss if we can offer immediate help, at no charge.

      – Focused on the Underserved Victims –


   "Success unshared, is failure"

​            -John Paul Dejoria