​​Destructive driving is not an accident- it's a crime.

We have already matched these vehicles, with victims in need of a replacement vehicle...free of charge.

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Please fill out our form and we will gladly reach back out to you within 8 hours, 7 days a week! Or call 7 days a week, for a 1 hour or less call back.Please call 630-756-3190We'll call you right back to arrange pick up. It's that simple. And 100% tax deductible

AUADD matches victims of destructive driving crimes (they are not accidents) with a replacement running vehicle, that was lost due to the traffic crime. Many victims lose their only transportation denying them an opportunity to get to work, school, medical treatments etc. We at AUADD do not believe victims should suffer extraordinary loses in addition to the emotional distress of being part of a traffic crime. By the time the crime is adjudicated, victims can lose their jobs and other opportunities due to a lack of transpiration. We have been very successful so far, since we introduced the ground breaking vehicle replacement program. However, our waiting list for a running vehicle, is much longer then available vehicles. We need more running vehicles PLEASE.

While we also accept non running vehicles of all types, we sell the non running (if it costs too much to repair, however, we have repaired many vehicles and gave them to victims) and use the monies to fund other aspects of our victim services. So PLEASE, either donate a running vehicle that we can match up with a victim and their family, or donate a non running vehicle, or cash for other victim services.

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