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A Federally recognized Traffic safety/activist/charitable organization.

Teens Against Drunk Driving (TADD) was founded in 2003, by the same group of people who have now founded AUADD, as a more complete, victim focused, repleacement for TADD. Like AUADD, it is is a completely volunteer organization. Since 2003, no one has been paid a salary, or any other sort of compensation for their personal gain. In fact, TADD like AUADD presently, has beeen 100% funded all of the programs as a privately funded organization.

In 2014 Americans United Against Destructive Driving was formed out of necessity. Volunteers at TADD, took incoming calls and emails on a daily basis, inquiring about possible victim services. The callers were victims and their representatives, of various types of traffic crimes, not simply drunk driving crimes.  It quickly became obvious, that there was a real need to connect with victims in all 50 states of such crimes. It was decided then to form AUADD, with a focus on education, and especially victim services. The idea to match victims with replacement vehicles, is a first in the traffic safety industry. While the victim-vehicle program is not the only victim service intended to be part of AUADD, it will be the focus for 2016-2017. AUADD has helped 1014 victims so far since it's inception in December 2014, with various services. Go to our victim services page for a small sample of names and pictures of victims that we have helped. Our goal is to reach 10 thousand or more victims in 2016. We will reach people in all of the lower 48 states. We can only accomplish this with the financial and vehicle donation help of individuals, foundations and corporations.

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​Destructive driving is not an accident- it's a crime.