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We may not be the biggest National Highway Traffic Safety organization, we may not have a snappy theme song, (love to have though. Any song writers out there ) or famous spokes people, ( Please call or email us if your famous and have like-minded ideals, and a compassionate heart, fun-loving spirit and humility. We would love to talk with you.)  but no other organization does more with your cash, real estate, IRA, stocks, vehicle donations then we do. We are a 100%, volunteer organization. We have been a 100% volunteer organization since 2003. Please donate by using a donate button on one of our state sites by choosing a state, or by contacting us directly to donate anything other then currency at, or by calling us right now at 630-756-3190. We will get right back to you 7 days a week if we miss your initial call. That's how important your donation is to us. We help all types of victims with your donation, regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, age or sexual orientation. Destructive driving crimes do not discriminate.

    Destructive driving is not an accident- it's a crime.

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                 Nonprofit Americans United Against Destructive Driving Announces New VP of Communications

December 1, 2016, Burr Ridge, IL Americans United Against Destructive Driving (AUADD), announced today that Sarah Gitersonke has joined their team on a volunteer base as VP of Communications to help develop and execute their communications strategy moving into 2017 as the nonprofit organization continues to grow rapidly.

AUADD, originally formed out of Teens Against Drunk Driving (TADD founded in 2003) in 2014, is a registered 501c3 and operates 100% volunteer based. Although AUADD has been in operation for 2 years, 2017 will mark an important year for their re branding movement and transition from TADD to AUADD.

Sarah has a background in communications with over a decade of experience in PR, marketing and video production with past roles at AKA MEDIA INC and currently heading up business development at Explore Media, a commercial production company. In 2006 she worked at Thomas Publishing as a print advertising executive and at creative advertising hub Arthur Agency in Carbondale, IL where she received her B.S. in communications at Southern Illinois University.

As VP of Communications, Sarah will be responsible for all media relations, communications efforts and social media engagement. She’ll also serve as the main press contact and spokesperson for the organization.

Founder and President of AUADD, Mr. William M. Piecuch, Jr. said this about the new hire; “Sarah is a true professional. She has the experience and knowledge to get our critical programs out to the people who need our help, and those who would like to help us, help the victims of destructive driving crimes. We are delighted to be able to bring her onto our team”.

AUADD’s Wheels for Victims program matches victims with replacement vehicles, a first in the traffic safety industry. The organization has helped 1014 victims directly, since its inception in December 2014 and plans to more than quadruple that number in 2017. One of AUADD’s main avenues for placing victims with vehicles is through donations of vehicles, either running and in good condition or cars that need repair. Those who donate before the end of the year will also receive a tax write off. Monetary donations are also accepted to fund other aspects of the victim program.

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The founders of Teens Against Drunk Driving (TADD) have formed a more complete, victim focused organization to better serve victims of these crimes. In 2014 Americans United Against Destructive Driving (AUADD), a completely volunteer based organization, was formed out of necessity. Volunteers at TADD, took incoming calls and emails on a daily basis, inquiring about possible victim services. The callers were victims and their representatives, of various types of traffic crimes, not simply drunk driving crimes.  It quickly became obvious, that there was a real need to connect with victims in all 50 states of such crimes. It was decided then to form AUADD, with a focus on prevention through education, legislative action, and especially victim services. Please visit for more information.



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      Sarah Gitersonke

V.P. of Communications

A Federally recognized 501c3, charitable organization. AUADD operates off of the dedication of volunteers who share the same vision. We do not seek compensation for services or for personal gain.​We are a true, 100%, volunteer organization.

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To collaborate with like minded individuals and companies, to form a support structure to reclaim the highways and byways of this great country, while making them safe once again for walkers, joggers, bicyclists, safe drivers, and all creatures who want to use our great country to travel.

By holding destructive drivers accountable, we make the road ways that connect this country, safer.

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